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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

We follow a results-oriented wealth planning process to ensure a disciplined approach to enhancing your wealth. 


Discovery Meeting

The first step in our process, the Discovery Meeting, is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your family. Our goal is to have a deep understanding of your current financial situation, future needs and desired outcomes, so that we may provide you with the most beneficial and sound advice. This step is also an opportunity for you to learn more about our team,  get a different perspective on your unique situation, and to explore any general questions you may have.

Investment Planning Meeting

Based on the information shared in the Discovery Meeting, we will undertake a thorough diagnosis of your situation. This meeting is an opportunity for us to present you with our actionable and objective recommendations, called an Investment Plan and Investment Policy Statement, which outlines how to move forward, in a simple, straight-forward manner, based on all of the options available. At this time, we also have an opportunity to engage best-in-class financial experts, or in certain situations, it may also be necessary to involve your other professional advisors, such as an accountant and lawyer.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Once we have agreed on an Investment Plan and Investment Policy Statement, we are now ready to proceed. If any further evaluations from other members of the Wealth Management Team are needed, we will arrange those now. This step is designed to give you a true understanding of how we can add value and help you and your family achieve your objectives more efficiently. This understanding will provide you with the comfort level necessary to confirm a mutual commitment between us as your financial advisory team and you as our client.

Regular Follow-up and Review

Once your plan is put into action, we engage in a custom-tailored review process, with scheduled engagements, to make sure that we meet your service expectations. The purpose of these meetings is to update you on your progress, understand any changes in your circumstances and ensure that we make the appropriate changes to your plan and portfolio. Portfolio rebalancing is a regular part of this process, as it will ensure that your investment strategy continuously reflects your objectives and matches your plan; it also allows us to take the proper action at the right time, based on a rational, disciplined plan. Rebalancing helps our clients to avoid emotional investing and the perils of market timing.

As part of our regular review, we will also consider the progress being made towards your overall retirement, tax and estate plans, on an annual basis. You will receive regular market commentary and newsletters as well as comprehensive reporting and financial planning documents.

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